Tien Shinhan is the only living member of the original Z fighters left alive in Another Future.

He was attacked by Android 18, punched in the chest and left dead. Or so 18 thought. What she didn't know was Launch was nearby. As soon as 18 left, Launch ran over to Tien. She finds he has no pulse and starts CPR. She manages to revive Tien. Tien can't believe that Launch saved him, but thanks her constently.

Launch laughs and reminds him he has saved her before. She says this makes them even. What she never expected was that this event would lead to Tien falling in love with her.

The two start spending time together, and Tien grows close to both of Launch's personalities falling in love with both. And Both fall in love with Tien.

Finally Tien works up the guts to propose to Launch, who happily accepts.

They marry and later on, have 5 daughters: Emerald, Ruby, and Garnet the oldest and the triplets, then Amber, and Pearl

Tien raises his girls as Z fighters, and all become very serious fighters. Tien let his oldest, Emerald, train with Trunks. The two reformed the Z fighters. He was very proud when his daughter took up post as second in command.

He later has 7 grandchildren, 6 girls: Cassandra Lillia, Ishtar,Bast, Nerys, and Alea. and a boy: Cathal.

Burst limit 28

Tien Attacks


His personality doesn't really vary from Z accept he is much more serious.

Techniques and special abilitiesEdit


  • -He named all of his daughters after their hair color.
  • -He is the only Z fighter from the original ones left.
  • -Emerald and Trunks defer to him when it comes to battle experience.