Mirai Seripa

Daughter of this timeline's Broly, and Goku's twin, Caibe. Seripa is a full a full blooded saiyan who arrives on earth when she is 15 years old. She has a little sister Tomoyo. She is extremly powerful and very much takes after her father, the legendary super saiyan. She wears her scars proudly for they show her victories hard earned.

She meets a human Drake, who she sees her first day on Earth. He is about to shoot 17 for killing his little sister. Seripa took pity on him, and saved him from certain death. She sent the android running for the moment, having underestimated what she was capable of.

She goes to stay with her aunt, Akira and uncle Tarble, and their daughter, Clarrissa, upon learning of her uncle's death. She keeps running into Drake and by the time her parents and sister arrive on Earth, he is living with her having been invited by Akira.

Her father and mother both approve of the "saiyan in a human body" and Seripa beings to train, and fall in love with Drake.

By the time she is 16 Seripa is pregnant with her first child, Cherra. She later has a son, Raphiel.

Her and Drake never marry, but they remain together until he dies late in his life. She fallows shortly after.


Seripa is stubborn, brash, cocky, and quiet. She is very smart and observant, and very loyal. She has a hard time showing the softer side she has and it is usually only seen around her family. The choker was a gift from her father. She is extremly passionate, and loves the thrill of the fight, and of the kill. She will never turn down a fight. Also this is fan-made Annnnnd DEEZ NUTZ are cannon


~~Her ki is black, when SSJ is is gold unless using one of her signiture moves.

~~ She takes after her father