Kita was revived thanks to a life given to her by Kibito at the request of several Z fighters and a strong need for warriors, she fights to protect the Earth like the others. She is in love with Niel a human who trains with Garnet. She loves Lillia and likes to spoil her on occasion. She has been dead for 16 years and she was brought back to life.

Battles: Kita faought in quite a few battles when she got back but she mostly takes on second rank minions. Very strong but not the boss. Though she crosses paths with a very strong assassin after Lillia, named Cervantes

She loses to Cervantes though, but is saved by Lillia.

She is a strong warrior and starting with Cell is present for many major battles

  • Race: 1/2 Saiyan and 1/2 Human
  • Personality: Tough, Smart, Sweet, and Stubborn.


  • Goku: Father
  • Chichi: Mother
  • Niel: Husband
  • Lillia: Goddaughter
  • Kinomi: Twin Sister
  • Stephen: Son
  • Breyna: Student/Best Friend
  • Elvina: Surrogate Sister-in-law
  • Tarble: Uncle
  • Akira: Aunt
  • Clarissa: Cousin
  • Caibe: Aunt
  • Broly: Uncle
  • Seripa: Cousin
  • Tomoyo: Cousin


  • She has yellow ki.
  • Her power is Photokenisis.
  • She was killed by Android 3.
  • She's been dead for 16 years.
  • Kibito gave her his life by request of the Z fighters to help Earth.
  • King Kai tells her that Gohan is dead.