In the future timeline, Goku is far weaker than his mainstream counterpart, because he had not achieved any forms beyond the unmastered Super Saiyan, due to the fact that he died six months before the androids arrived and murdered all of the Z Fighters. Mirai Goku lived the same life as Present Goku up until his return to Earth after defeating Frieza on Namek where Mirai Goku used the Instant Transmission technique to return to Earth and successfully killed Frieza and King Cold when they arrived in August of 764 AD. Mirai Goku contracted an incurable heart virus in 766 AD and died six months before the appearance of Android 17 and 18; which left the Z fighters without their strongest warrior. The androids killed the Z Fighters in May of 767 AD, except for Gohan.

RB2 OVA new Goku

Goku Profile

Name: Goku Son

Race: Saiyan

Birthday: 737 AD

Date of Death: November 766 AD

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 156 lbs

Address: East District 439

Family Grandpa Gohan: Grandfather Bardock: Father Fasha: Mother Raditz: Big Brother Chichi: Wife Niel: Son-in-law Kinomi: Daughter Kita:Daughter Stephen: Grandson Tarble: Brother-in-law Akira: Big Sister Clarissa: Niece Caibe: Twin Sister Broly: Brother-in-law Seripa: Niece Tomoyo: Niece