Crisis is the son of a Saiyan Scientist and a Retnonian Princess. He was turned into an Android by his father when he was just 3 months old due to a heart virus. His father died trying to protect him from an attack from Android 3. His mother raised him and died from the same cause but was killed by the clone or Dr. Gero named TX. Before Piccolo was murdered by Android 16 Model 2 , he found the Dragon Balls and resurected his parents, but they were resurected in their younger bodies (About the age around 17 or 18) He met Carlos when they were both 12 years old and together they quickly they became friends. He was the best friend of Carlos and was devastated to find out he was killed by the Androids. He blamed Emerald for his death, but only out of anger. He became good friends with Emerald and almost all of the Z-Fighters. He sees a girl who's in great depression, the girl is Ruby. He finds out that Carlos and her wear married. He comforts her saying what a great man and friend Carlos was. She gives a slight smile and they become very close. He later finds out that she is pregnant with Carlos's child. He helps raise her baby who is named Tear. Years later they both fall in love and get married. They have a child together and he promises to protect her and the family they have forever


He is quiet and keeps to himself alot.

He's proud to continue his father's dream of Peace and creating the Androids.


-He specializes in Pyrokenisis

-He is part Android

-His best friend is Carlos

-He believes the Androids reason for terrorizing the planet was somehow connected to Dr. Gero and was proved right

-He is the smartest fighter in the Z-Fighters

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