Celsia DBZ Maja FutureEdit


Celsia happy as she gets stronger.

Celsia is the daughter of Joseph, Maritonan and Tarrasa. Maritonan gave birth to her but she is gentially engineered by Bulma who used Maritonan and Tarrasa's DNA along with the DNA of her father Joseph. The embryo was then placed inside Maritonan and that's why Maritonan gave birth to her. She is like Maritonan because she has a fun, bubbly personality and she is like Tarrasa because she is always looking for ways to improve the way she fights. She is also like her father Joseph in the sense because she is quiet but at the same time she is not afraid to have some fun.

Celsia's Powers Edit

Celsia has access to Pyrokinesis which allows her to be able to control fire. She also has access to teleportation like her mother Tarrasa does. Celsia also has a technique simillair to Goku's "Spirit Bomb" hers is called to "Pyro-Bomb" she packs all kinds of Pyro (fire) into a ball then she follows through and she fires. Celsia is a great fighter both mentally and physically.

Personality Edit

Celsia has personality traits from each of her parents. She has the fun and bubbly side of her personality from her mother Maritonan. She gets her headstrong and stubborn side from her mom Tarrasa. She gets her reserved quiet side from her dad Joseph. She also has a bitchy streak but it is rarely shown.


Always be prepared and always have a back up plan just in case something goes wrong


-Celsia has 3 parents

-She is a fighter

-Maritonan gave birth to her

-She has access to Pyrokinesis just like Tarrasa

-She has personality traits from each of her parents

-Her name is a pun off of "Celsius"