Cell came and began absorbing people without the Z Fighters knowing. But he takes to city streets, and it happens to be a street that Garnet is shopping on. She is the first Z fighter to see Cell. She sees him absorb a human and freaks, she attacks Cell without a question to who or what he is.

Race Bio-Android
Gender Male
Date of Birth 786 Age
Date of Death May 26, 787 Age

Dr. Gero (Creator)

Chiaotzu (Genetic Material)

Frieza (Genetic Material)

Gohan (Genetic Material)

Goku (Genetic Material)

King Cold (Genetic Material)

Krillin (Genetic Material)

Nappa (Genetic Material)

Piccolo (Genetic Material)

Raditz (Genetic Material)

Tien (Genetic Material)

Vegeta (Genetic Material)

Yamcha (Genetic Material)

For a while they hold on evenly fighting, but Cell makes a mistake of ruining Garnet's outfit. Garnet started to push harder and turned

the odds in her favor. But Cell retreats and starts absorbing more people. Garnet fallows hunting him down, and doesn't think to call for help, she is to focused on stopping him. Cell absorbs a lot more people passing in strength of a SSJ. When Garnet meets him again he is to strong for her to handle and he takes her down. That is when she calls out to her oldest sister, Emerald, for help telepathically.

She hears and leaves instead of going to meet the other Z fighters for training. She confronts Cell, to protect the retreating Garnet, but she starts loosing quick. In a last desperate attempt, she calls for Trunks help. But while she calls to him Cell lands what should have been a fatal blow, leading her to think it was the end and to her giving a farewell message to Trunks.

Hearing this and feeling her ki fade, he is sure that Cell took his wife's life. He gets the second level and Leaves to fight Cell.

The first of the Z fighter's to attempt to join him is his sister-in-law, Ruby. He knocks her out and drops her to the ground.

Kita fallows behind him at a far enough distance that he doesn't notice, with the intent of helping.

When she arrives though she sees Parsley attempting to help a half dead Emerald. Realizing that she is still alive, she decides to help the Medic get Emerald to her clinic.

Trunks still not knowing that she is alive, fights Cell on a level none of the Z fighters had reached before. The battle with Cell becomes onesided and by the time Kita makes it back, Trunks finishes Cell with a Big Tree Cannon.

But Trunks doesn't stop, he turns to a man near by with the intent of killing, not thinking straight.

Kita realizes he has to power down.

"He's dead!!! You killed him!!! You can power down!!" She screamed.


"NO!! Trunks, she is still alive!! Parsley saved her!!" She assures him.

With that he lets himself pass out. Kita does a quick scan of the area to make sure there was nothing left of Cell.