Alice listening to Kinomi

Alice is the adopted daughter of Kinomi and student of Kinomi, Alice is normally happy and hates Androids to the core and truly dosen't belive they can turn good, Alice is not so good when it comes to listening, She was 5 when her mother dies and 5 when Kinomi took her in. Also she was 16 when she met the Z fighters, She has snuck out alot on occasions such as the time she got the scar over her eye! Alice lives in the capsule corp area, because she can't really go back to her old house since it's like android city! And she was too close to Gero's lab, Alice when she returns her back up was Trunks at the time they found Gero's lab and Alice can get extemly curious. So she ventured in only to be stopped by android 3 telling her to get out. Trunks wasn't to happy with Alice running in there to start off with. When they were done fighting Alice crashed into and unactivated android and Android 3 immediatly paid attention. Alice flicked the switch to activate the unknown Android, The Android got out of the pod and gave Alice a semi glare the almost immeditly smiled. "Hi!" The android said.

"Uh, Hi." Alice said a bit scared she didn't mean to activate it. Alice could sese Trunks was officailly mad at her so she rubbed the back of her head.

"3 what are you doing? Is my dad dead and that's why your activated?"

There's still not much to say on Alice you just have to look into her personality.


Inoccent, Kind, Sweet, Outgoing and loyal